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Avant Browser 2010 Build 126

Avant Browser 2010 Build 126 Final Türkçe (2.52 MB)
Avant Browser Portable 2010 Build 126 Final Türkçe (2.52 MB)
Avant Browser 2010 Build 126(Internal Version Number:, Released 12.3.2010 
  • [Fix]Open in New Window opened about:blank(details)
  • [Fix]Save As dialog didn't open when choose to save a picture via Floating Tool Bar(details).
  • [Fix]Some errors related to Auto-Scroll feature
  • [Fix]Immediately inputting url failed after creating a new tab
  • [Fix]Newly created tabs wasn't consistent with the predefined zoom size on Xp/IE6
  • [Fix]Windows in the background popped up to the foreground in some case
  • [Fix]In some case the title bar didn't keep changing with the page aaaaaaa(445).
  • [Fix]Search Bar in browser:home didn't work(444)
  • [Fix]ctrl+shift+left click error when setting to open links in foreground(details)
  • [Fix]Clearing Recent Closed Pages failed via AB Options->Clear Records->Recent Closed Tabs(440)
  • [Fix]Some errors related to javascript
  • [Fix]Avant kept saving pictures to the system default folder every time loading tabs into a new process
  • [Add]Three shortcuts: File->Save Screen As Image(Shift+Ctrl+S), Save Current Page as Image(Shift+Ctrl+A),Save Selected Region as Image(Shift+Ctrl+Q)

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